Here are the most asked questions we get at Synapse, and the answers to those questions. However, if you want to know something about Synapse and you can’t find it on the other pages of the site, or here, send us an email from the ‘Contact’ page, or give us a call. We’re always happy to talk about Synapse.

What is the cost of membership?

The annual regular membership fee is $475 (Hub Leaders only pay $250). There is no joining or application fee, no compulsory training fee or any other kind of fee associated with membership. So, for little more than $1 a day, you get the value of collaborating with motivated and like-minded business professionals in your area, helping each other do more, better business. If, in the unlikely event you do not receive any business during your membership year and you have attended 90% of your Hub meetings, we will refund 50% of your membership fee for that year.

There may be a small fee set by individual Hubs for the provision of refreshments at meetings, but that’s as complicated as it gets.

Members also have access to the private Facebook groups set up for each Hub, and for the entire membership. This is an extremely active and effective tool for members to make connections and also publicize their business, any events they have coming up, and to see the same information about other members that post on the facility.

Additionally, there is a growing ‘Member Benefits’ section on this web site, where Synapse members offer deals or discounts to other members. These range from legal services to car washes, and everything in between. These deals and discounts are not offered by members to anyone outside the Synapse membership network.

What if I'm already a member of a business networking organization?

Just as membership in another organization should, in our opinion, not prevent you from joining Synapse, membership in Synapse does not prevent you from being a member additionally anywhere else.​

Is there a Hub location near me?

We’re continually establishing additional Hubs and most if not all will meet at the locations of our nonprofit partners. You can check out the ‘Visit a Hub’ page for current Hub meetings, and we’re adding more locations all the time. If you don’t see a location that suits you perfectly, email or call us and let’s talk about forming a Hub near you. Maybe you’ll want to lead that Hub?

Can I pick which Hub I want to join?

You can apply to or be introduced to any Hub that either fits your location, day, time or nonprofit partner preference, or Hub style (e.g., minority businesses, under 40’s, female-owned, and so on). Our aim is to have the right people at the table in every Hub, and we try to fit people together who will potentially work together as a group for the benefit of all. Members may also visit any and all other Hubs and may also transfer from one ‘home’ Hub to another if that suits their business networking needs.

Can you build a Hub around my business needs?

Yes – let’s talk!