Payment of membership dues in this category MUST be made in full on the due date of the 1st of each month of membership. When approval of application is granted, an electronic recurring invoice is issued which needs only a few clicks in order to submit payments. Payment of membership dues by any other method, such as cash, check or PayPal can be arranged but must be completed before the time of application. Hub meetings can only be attended once an application and payment of dues have been received. By submitting this application you agree to pay membership dues immediately on receipt of our invoice and acknowledge that you cannot be included in any Hub meetings until your membership dues are received. Additionally, you acknowledge that renewal membership dues must be paid by the renewal due date of the invoice, and that you face immediate suspension and possible cancellation of your membership if you do not make renewal dues payment on time.
Synapse code of ethics - Members undertake to attend Hub meetings, communicate effectively, assist and promote other Hub members and provide professional and ethical services to any clients referred by them, and fully participate in the spirit of the Synapse organization.

By submitting this application you confirm you have read and agree to abide by the requirements stated in this section.