Our groups of members are called "Hubs"

Specifically built around each Hub leader according to the business needs of that individual, Hubs evolve into effective mutual assistance units.

How Hubs Work

Hubs at a Glance

Initially built around the Hub leadership, Synapse builds personal business connections around each member while focusing on helping build individuals into industry and community leaders in their local areas.

Hubs all work from the same basic operating structure that enables this success, but otherwise can be very diverse in terms of their composition and other dynamic features.

Want to be in a Hub with minority businesses – OK, under 40 business owners – OK, veteran-owned businesses – OK, female business owners – sure!

People work best in settings where they feel they belong. Your Hub is one of those places.


Invariably, different people like their Hub meetings at different times. Some prefer early morning, some lunchtime, some evening.

The one thing we hold dear on this topic is that regular, in-person meetings are essential if proper collaboration resulting in business for all is to be achieved. That’s not to say that on-line meetings can’t be done occasionally – just not as the only way to ever meet.

Additionally, as people realize that their Hub meeting activity is a business generation tool – and a good one – the option to meet within normal business hours will become more accepted. No longer will those early morning, bleary-eyed meetings be the norm – unless of course that’s how you want your Hub to work.

Needs Assessment

Realistic needs assessments result in a focused effort to provide fertile business opportunities for members, while no cost or low cost education and coaching modules extend the abilities and effectiveness of all.

Every member in a Hub is as important as every other member – it goes without saying, but there – we said it because market research indicates that many businesses involved in “networking” report getting little or no return on their investment of a membership fee or time spent at regimented meetings.

Each of our Hub members becomes a marketing support professional for each of the other members – who reciprocate in turn.


Information & Records

Hubs create minimal or preferably, no paperwork – all records of meeting attendance, success stories, suggestions, activities, and so on are database-driven and accessible by all members.

No passing business cards – do it electronically.

No passing slips of paper around – do it electronically.

Connect and stay in touch when not in a meeting, electronically – it just makes better sense and better business.

Our unique intra-Hub facility also connects each Hub with every other Hub for maximum effectiveness and collaboration.

Education & Support

To grow your business ability

Co-promote your business

Expose your business to more markets

More potential partnerships



Intra-Hub educational projects and social events

Community Support

Community support strategies are an important part of the Synapse model and nonprofit organizations are represented in each Hub. This option exposes the nonprofit to companies they may never get to know in such a close way, and vice versa – both for support and capacity building, while potentially connecting Hub members to the nonprofit’s own extended network.

Nonprofits are encouraged to build the capacity of their organization by learning from all Hub members.

Hub meetings are held at the nonprofit location whenever possible so that the level of familiarity and understanding of their mission is increased.

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Contact Synapse

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