Synapse is amazing. I have been a member for almost four months and this organization is like no other business network I have seen or been a part of. I was with one organization for over 8 years and have tried all of the others in town. This is not like your traditional business networks. The quality of people and instant credibility you get when you first meet someone is amazing. You can just tell you can refer them to one of your good customers or friends & know they will be taken care of. And I have to say the quality of the individuals & caring about our local community and non-profit partners has made me want to become one of those individuals myself. It’s not all about doing business but a lifestyle that you can be proud to be a part of. Thank you Synapse for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Oh, and I almost forgot that in the 4 month’s that I have been a part of Synapse, the connections that I have made have been more profitable than the connections that I made at the other organization in over 8 years!”

Michael Varner - Carter Printing Company

“I’ve been a Synapse member for what, about 4 weeks, and I can tell you that through connections I’ve already made, I’ve received back the value of my membership dues many times over.”

Scott Dixon - Realtor and entrepreneur

“I wanted to create a local beer publication that was all about community and support of nonprofits. It was refreshing to find a networking group that had the same goals. Synapse has been integral in helping connect Virginia Craft Brews Publication to high quality business people who value community and support one another.”

Matt Goodwin - Virginia Craft Brews Publication

“The difference between Synapse and other networking groups is that it works. It’s a place where community leaders and entrepreneurs can come together and easily connect. I’m just lucky enough to be a part of a great team of some amazing individuals.”


Sam Anderson, President of Enso Media Firm, Co-Owner of Richmond Bubble Soccer, - Host of The Entrepreneurial Grind and co-owner of Synapse

“Synapse has been an outstanding way for me to connect with individuals from various industries across the metropolitan area in a personal and engaging environment. The Synapse team has been unbelievable in working with its members to grow their brand both at Synapse and beyond. I highly recommend this networking group to all organizations.”

JC Poma – Arena Racing USA

Mary Gibrall - Send Out Cards

“Since I started attending Synapse meetings late last summer, I can credit Synapse for at least 12 new accounts. This is easily the best business decision I’ve made.”

“I have met many new friends through Synapse in 2015, so my gratitude goes to the founders! Keith Reynolds and Steven Lowrie, you had such an awesome idea with the format of Synapse, that you cannot help but attract only wonderful people. I have been enjoying my time within the Synapse family this year, so I want to say THANK YOU SYNAPSERS from the RVA. Let’s take it national, so others can enjoy it too!”

Sorana Blackfoot -

“I MUST send a ridiculously LOUD thank you to Barbara Bliley for believing in I Vote For Me enough to help me market my brand — FOR FREE! Shane Patrick Crews for thinking enough of my passion to profile my vision in his awesome Dream Nation Project – soon to come! Samuel Anderson, Nick Toce, Hugh B. Jones, Dot Crenshaw, Edward Cox, Tamika Quarles, Keith Reynolds, Steven Lowrie, Jennifer Stevenson Zeile, Ja’Nai Frederick, Elijah Morgano, Judy Kane, Dan Lee, Jacque Vaughan Brown, Brian Beard and last but not least my sister from another mother Kristi Hammond! I can’t imagine 2016 and years to come without you freakin’ fantastic human beings. Synapse is a family in every sense of the word!”

Lorraine Wright -

“So many outstanding members, if I tried to name them, I’d surely leave one out. So I’d like to give testimonial for Synapse as a whole. During my membership, I’ve never met such talented and professional business people, truly dedicated to making the business world and community a better place. And during my career transition it became obvious (to me) how burnt out I had gotten… the feedback from fellow members was crucial for me to take the leap I did and believe I could to it. Shoot- even as I’ve gotten settled in my new role; the encouragement and offers of assistance have been just amazing! Everyone’s support has been humbling and I hope to provide the same network to our fellow members over the coming years.”

Jennifer Stevenson Zeile -

“I have met so many great folks. I can’t thank Keith Reynolds and Steven Lowrie enough. I am inspired by their example. And so many other members that have been so generous with their time, ideas and connections. I would definitely like to THANK them and most of all my friend CARROLL SCHULLER for starting me on this path. She is a fantastic career/ life coach. I look forward to the New Year and making more meaningful connections.”

Lara Williams -

“Special thanks to Steven Lowrie and Keith Reynolds for all you do and the great community you have created in Synapse. Synapse is unique and unlike any other networking organization. I have met so many special people. Great job!!”

Shelly Periera -

“I haven’t been able to Hub hop as much as some others, but in visits I have met so many giving and caring individuals, all of whom who have offered to assist OAR in moving ahead in our vision. And then there’s Elijah Morgano, who was our fantastic speaker recently at our “Working Client Reception”. There’s many others who have been delightful to meet and get to know, but most of all, thanks to Patrick Holmes for inviting me to attend as a guest.”

Sharon Murphy -

“I have been inspired by Sam Anderson‘s entrepreneurial spirit, humbled by Nick Toce‘s big heart, intrigued by Kyle Greenfield‘s skills and motivated by Caitlin Roberts‘ energy. But most of all, I have been amazed by Keith Reynolds‘ and Steven Lowrie‘s giving nature and ability to see opportunities for everyone. Wishing Synapse continued and much-deserved success!!!”

Terri Jones Kendrick -

“It’s so hard to name everyone without leaving someone out. The value of our Synapse family is more than I can express in words. I appreciate each and every one of you and some I’m still looking forward to meeting. Thank you Keith Reynolds and Steven Lowrie for your outstanding vision and bringing this amazing community together! Happy Holidays and here’s to an amazing New Year!”

Nakita Rowell-Stevens -

“This organization isn’t an organization at all it is actually A Family… The Growth has been amazing to watch, and I am grateful toKeith Reynolds and Steven Lowrie for stretching me!!! All the hubs are amazing and I am looking forward to visit them all in 2016. Special thanks to all my hub mates at 002 for growing and being great!!! Special thanks to Josh Grice for creating our amazing Equalizer Crowd funding Video!!! Sharon Murphy and Sam Anderson have given me an opportunity to share my message!!! The Value in this Synapse Family Is Outstanding.”

Elijah Morgano -

“I think if I get started I won’t be able to stop naming people who have been amazing influencers, partners, referral sources, and genuine leaders that have inspired me this year! Certainly, Keith and Steven for starting an amazing organization and rallying people around causes we all care about, and Mark Goad for introducing me to Synapse.”

Barbara Bliley -

Nonprofit Partners

“Synapse has been invaluable for UnBoundRVA. It has given our entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to network and build relationships in the business community of Richmond. Synapse members have acted as mentors for our entrepreneurs and given them the confidence that they need to go out in the city and successfully start their businesses.”

Richard Luck - Co-Founder UnBound RVA

“Synapse is an irreplaceable gem in my life, and has already made all the difference for MHP. Today we identified a potential board member out of our guest pool. Just amazing!”

Emily A. Jiancristoforo - Executive Director, Medical Home Plus

“Not only have we received wonderful support in our non-profit activities, but we’ve also been introduced to businesses who offer services we have needed.”

Roger Reynolds - JC’s Thumbs Up Foundation

Contact Synapse


Contact Synapse

Corporate address: 3710 Wakefield Rd., Richmond, VA 23235