Who We Are


The Synapse founders devised, designed, launched, and manage Synapse have many years experience in all areas of business and nonprofits.

Perhaps most especially, they are expert connectors over a broad range of business sectors and have a long track record of success at local, regional, national, and international levels.

The aim of all of us at Synapse is to lead the development of a business networking, collaboration, and support organization unlike any other.

Our Model

Our Synapse mission is to help businesses and nonprofits in communities across the U.S. connect with one another to foster greater economic and community development.

Our value proposition is created by the synergy of the right people connecting and collaborating. Our Hub members are a totally diverse group committed to their own success and the success of everyone else in the Synapse group.

Our entire approach is to get the right people in the room. That way, we create more mutually beneficial business relationships.


Specifically built around each Hub leader according to the business needs of that individual, Hubs evolve into effective mutual assistance units.

Hub demographics are also dynamic in response to members’ needs, e.g., women-owned, veteran-owned, under 35’s, over 60’s, minority-owned, none of the above, or whatever works for the group.

Realistic needs assessments result in a focused effort to provide fertile business opportunities for members, while no cost or low cost education and coaching modules extend the abilities and effectiveness of everyone.

With experience of the Synapse program, members will perceive significant value because of their membership.

Our Team

Keith Reynolds

Co-Founder & CEO

Having spent 12 years in the Retail Banking industry, Keith has always had a passion for relationship development, quality customer service, and connecting people and professionals for mutual benefit. The community has embraced Synapse’s unique approach to creating connections and collaboration between nonprofit leaders, sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Samuel Anderson

Digital Marketing Director

Sam Anderson is a serial entrepreneur with his main expertise being in the field of digital marketing, social media, and video content. He saw early on the power that Synapse brings and joined the team at the start of 2016.

Contact Synapse


Contact Synapse

Corporate address: 3710 Wakefield Rd., Richmond, VA 23235