Our vision of connecting, collaborating and contributing continues to gain momentum as nonprofits, businesses and individual members leverage the Synapse network to create meaningful partnerships resulting in powerful economic and social alliances.

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Markets In The Mix

Over the years, we have tested, learned, and perfected our model. Our 007 meetings, in which we’re able to demonstrate the power of our network and vision to potential nonprofits and business partners, is a vehicle ready to roll and built to last. Zoom has become our high-test fuel, allowing us to grow beyond what was previously our Mid-Atlantic footprint. We are currently working relationships in key markets in the U.S. and Europe:
– Atlanta, GA
– Dallas/Fort Worth
– England
– Madison, WI
– Northern Ireland
– Northern Virginia/DC
– Orlando, FL
– Phoenix, AZ
– Tampa, FL
– Denver, CO

If you are interested in exploring what Synape can mean to your community talk to us.