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Synapse Hubcasts provide another forum for both Synapse members and non-members to connect, collaborate, and contribute. From Synapse specific content to hot topics of the day, our Hubcasts are always lively and thoughtful.

Hosted by the incomparable Jay Smack, our Hubcasts are designed to illuminate, educate, and inspire you to be more intellectually curious and socially motivated.

Browse a few of our favorites episodes that we’re continuously updating and enjoy. All our Hubcast episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Just search for “Synapse Hubcast” and take us wherever you go!

Synapse Super Troopster Pack Event

6th June, 2021

Troopster's Haley Aguilar tells us all about these Richmond (June 17) vs. Coastal (June 24) events to see who'll send more care packages and provide more smiles to our deployed heroes. Find out about Troopster's mission and how these two events exemplify their great work!

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The Synapse 007 Meeting Experience

14th May, 2021

Synapse Founder Keith Reynolds explains the process and power behind the Synapse 007 meeting concept, what it means for nonprofits not in the Synapse network, and how the "drive it before you buy it" concept continues to pay dividends.

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Andrew Price – Fulton Bank and Synapse Hub Honcho

7th April, 2021

Fulton Mortgage Manager, Randolph-Macon College grad and basketball broadcaster, and Synapse Hub 018 Hub Honcho, Andrew Price, joins Jay Smack for a lively conversation that spans the gamut from the mortgage landscape, broadcasting, his role in Synapse, the Matt Davis Foundation, and more.

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Matthew Currin – Convene Communities

5th April, 2021

A retired USMC helicopter pilot and former helicopter EMS pilot, Matthew Currin learned invaluable lessons in the military and brought those learnings and serious leadership and communications skills to his 10 years in the making project, Convene Communities. Hear his story.

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Katie Zacherle – Integrity Home Mortgage

12th March, 2021

While the housing market continues to be a wild and woolly experience for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals alike, Synapse member Katie Zacherle offers solid, calm-in-the-storm advice and talks about her nonprofit passion, family, and giving back.

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David Hebel – Synapse Hub Honcho and Richmond Realtor

1st March, 2021

Long-time Richmond, VA resident, David Hebel, is the prototypical Synapse member. A blend of community-minded volunteer and businessman with a strong ethical center.

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Synapse Phoenix – Jane M and Denise M Powers

26th February, 2021

The Synapse model of facilitating connections between businesses and nonprofit groups for community and economic development takes root in Phoenix, AZ, spearheaded by two powerhouse women on a mission.

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Cancer Care Services – Fort Worth, TX

19th February, 2021

This insightful Hubcast brings Cancer Care Services Donor Relations Manager Rhea Jackson and Board Member Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter in to talk about their Fort Worth, TX nonprofit that helps both cancer patients and caregivers navigate the myriad of issues when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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Cherie Blazer & Partners – Boomer Connections

2nd December, 2020

Synapse member, Cherie Blazer, founded Boomer Connections with three other women who own small businesses that service the 50+ population. They saw a need and the opportunity to make a difference. Listen to their story.

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Jamie Sollog – ER Nurse

2nd November, 2020

ER Nurse Jamie Sollog has been on the front line of the COVID-19 battle at Henrico Doctor's Hospital since day one. Her perspective and insights are enlightening. This is an important in-the-moment interview.

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Jane M Powers – Catching the Synapse Vibe

6th October, 2020

In this must-listen Hubcast, award-winning international speaker and sales trainer, Jane M Powers, talks about becoming part of the Synapse community, her business, teaching others to speak with confidence and sell with authority and why Synapse has her so turned on.

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City of Richmond Police Officer Farrhard El-Amin

22nd September, 2020

Farrhard El-Amin will join us to talk about his recent experiences and perspective as an African American police officer in the City of Richmond.

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State of Synapse – August 2020

22nd August, 2020

As Synapse continues to evolve, leadership shares their thoughts on expansion, the virtual imperative, Synapse culture, the upcoming new website, and a number of other topics as part of our semi-regular sharing sessions.

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Brittany Dunn – Safe House Project

17th August, 2020

Safe House Project COO, Brittany Dunn, has made it her mission to safely save and re-enter into society those who have fallen into human trafficking. A compelling story.

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Legin Talks the #757PrayerMarch and Racial Relations

6th June, 2020

CEO of Expect Renaissance, founder of The Safe House Project and Christian Hip Hop artist, Legin, uses gospel-based Hip Hop to better the culture of youth and young adults. Through inspirational speaking, racial reconciliation work, and combatting sex trafficking through the Safe House Project, in which his nonprofit provides housing to...

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In the Media

Junkluggers of Charlotte Turns a Gracious House Into a Gracious Home

After our very first informational meeting in Charlotte, NC, the power of the Synapse network took center stage. It’s beautiful to see when we provide a framework where big ideas meet big hearts. Gracious Hands Transitional Housing received a lot more than just a helpful hand from Ryan Barclay, owner of Junkluggers of Charlotte.

Press Kit

For members of the media who want a more focused look at our organization and where we’re headed, check out our Press Kit.